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University of Ljubljana

Faculty of Pharmacy

Askerceva cesta 7
1000, Ljubljana

The education of pharmacists developed on the territory of Slovenia in 17th and 18th century with influence of Pharmaceutical code of Duchy Carniola. First attempt to start pharmaceutical university program went back to 1946. Ten years later, section for pharmacy was organized inside of Department for chemistry at the Faculty of natural sciences, mathematics and philosophy. Complete 4-years program of pharmacy was established in 1960. In 1991 department for pharmacy at the Faculty for science and technology was organized. And finally, in 1996, Faculty of pharmacy (FFA) was established as a member of University of Ljubljana (UL).

                University of Ljubljana is the oldest university in Slovenia. It was founded in 1919 and has 23 faculties and 3 academies and is indeed university, covering all fields of human activities including natural sciences, technology, medicine, health sciences, humanistic, sociology and all arts. It has about 50.000 students and 6.000 employees.

FFA is the only university organization in the Republic of Slovenia for study of pharmacy and laboratory biomedicine. Its activities comply with the National Higher Education Program of the Republic of Slovenia and with the Higher Education Act. FFA follows the concept of scientific pharmacy and clinical biochemistry, and considers research and study as two inseparable parts. Students of FFA are intensively stimulated to participate in research work in the second half of their study, which results in excellent and highly motivated graduates. We are research oriented faculty with more than 100 SCI publications per year, with more than 1200 citations per year in the last decade; our teachers are co-authors of several patents or patent applications. Students are regularly involved into research work.

By European standards FFA is a medium-sized faculty with about 1500 students and about 140 employees (1/3 pedagogical workers – professors and assistants). FFA carries out 6 programs: pharmacy integrated study (5+0), laboratory medicine (3+2), cosmetology (3+), industrial pharmacy (+2), and doctoral study in three fields. About 50 students are involved in specialist study, which is very important in pharmacy and laboratory medicine. Faculty of pharmacy provides also courses of long life learning and continuous professional development courses.